Born in Mita City, Hyogo Prefecture. Doctor of engineering. The technical college has been working on research and manufacturing based on welfare engineering and adaptive design, and has developed devices and systems to support people with disabilities. Participated in the welfare equipment exhibition and won the Asia International Symposium (ASET17) for 4th grade students. The following year, he received the highest award in the welfare category of the Nichidai Youth Symposium. 

Universities will work on medical diagnostic technologies and optical filters based on nanotechnology. Submitted patents and applied for patents while studying at the doctoral program. Started activities as an artist in 2018. Explore the possibilities of a world that interweaves Technology, Science, and Art.


Born in Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture. Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Physics.
After graduating from university, moved to a remote island in Shimane Prefecture, Ama-cho, and engaged in the establishment of a town development business. Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, he entered Miyagi Prefecture and founded an NPO that supports disaster-stricken areas and supports human resource development.

Resigned as representative after 4 years of management. After working as an organizational consulting firm, he joined the strategic design farm BIOTOPE in 2017. As a system designer, conducts company vision design and business concept design.

From 2018, he will also be active as an artist. Produces new works such as touching poetry, eating poetry, engraving poetry, new expressions of poetry and poetry, as well as Kodoku watches. Father with one child. Kagurazaka and Hayama are in an extended family life.